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Raising Awareness for the All-American Wolf

There are many great potential new mascots the Washington football team is still considering, including the ‘Red Wolves’, after the only all-American wolf. Renaming an NFL team after the American red wolf could bring some recognition to the red wolf program and may be hugely beneficial to efforts to save the species.

In 1980, the red wolf was declared extinct in the wild. The last of the wild population, were brought into managed care by Zoos in an effort to rebuild their population. Even with successful re-introductions into the North Carolina landscape, there are only three remaining wolf packs. With only around 20 individuals in the wild, they are one the most endangered mammal in the world.

Moreover, this new mascot could do more to honor Native American tribal culture and indigenous people. Wolves are prominent in nearly every Native American tribe. For example the origin stories of some Northwest Coast tribes, such as the Quileute and the Kwakiutl, tell of their first ancestors being transformed from wolves into men. For the Shoshone, the Wolf plays the role of the noble Creator god and the Anishinabe have a wolf character that is the brother and true best friend of the culture hero.

If you would like to bring awareness to red wolves and share support for this potential new name, use #HTTRedWolves on social media.

We invite you to also watch Resilience: Story of The American Red Wolf. Created by Conservation Centers for Species Survival and sponsored by Fresno Chaffee Zoo as an Alpha Pack sponsor, this short film details the dedication and determination helped save the all-American red wolf from extinction. For more information on red wolves and to learn how you can support this work, visit Conservation Centers for Species Survival.


American Red Wolves of Fresno Chaffee Zoo!

Photo 1: Our most recent litter of pups were born in 2016 to mom, Azalea and dad, Lincoln (not pictured).

Photo 2: These three beautiful wolves, Lincoln and two of his sons, Sumac and Buckeye, are currently residing in the Wolf Woods habitat.

Photo 3: Male red wolf

Photo 4: Wolf brothers looking out from the top of Wold Woods.