Valley Farm

Presented by Gar & Esther Tootelian Foundation

The former Small Wonders petting zoo has been transformed into Valley Farm; an interactive experience! Zoo guests have the opportunity to pet and interact with a variety of animals native to the Central Valley, including sheep, goats, chickens, a dairy cow and many other farm animals. In addition to animals, this educational exhibit also features a demonstration garden of crops important to Fresno County agriculture, which is maintained by California State University, Fresno students. The exhibit also features crops and fruit trees, demonstrating first-hand how Valley farmers grow and irrigate produce. Visitors can learn about the region’s agricultural contributions made around the world.

Designed to educate young people about agriculture, the new exhibit was made possible through the generous support of the Gar & Esther Tootelian Foundation. Bennet & Bennett Irrigation, Fresno State Plant Science Club, and Fresno County Farm Bureau donated time, irrigation, manpower, crops and fruit trees. Reedley 4-H and Golden State Buildings built and donated the chicken coop.

Valley Farm is currently “on paws” due to construction for the Zoo’s upcoming exhibit, Kingdoms of Asia.