Reptile House

Snakes and Lizards and Turtles—Oh My!

The first major exhibit for the Zoo, the Reptile House has proven to be one of Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s greatest attractions and a guest favorite. The facility was built in 1979 for about $633,000 and was the first computer-controlled reptile exhibit building in the world. The lighting, temperature, and humidity could be separately set and maintained for each exhibit.

Visitors to the Reptile House are introduced to a diversity of reptiles, with more than 40 species of snakes, turtles, and lizards in beautiful jewel box enclosures so guests can get an up-close look at these unique animals and their habitats. Look carefully to see if you can spot all of the slithery, scaly, hoppy, and crawly creatures on display in these mixed habitats. Guests can also learn about the conservation threats these species face and their IUCN Red List of Threatened Species status on a series of monitors accompanying each exhibit, as well as Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s work to protect them in the wild.

Thanks to Measure Z, the Reptile House has had several animal habitat renovations—most notably the King Cobra exhibit—which has allowed Fresno Chaffee Zoo to continue to provide great animal care for our reptile species.