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Get ready for pumpkin pandemonium at Fresno Chaffee Zoo!

Halloween at the Zoo is for the animals too! Throughout the day animal caretakers will give the animals in our care palate pleasing treats as part of the Zoo’s enrichment program designed to stimulate natural behaviors in the animals such as foraging and play.

The “gourd”geous treats are part of the Zoo’s ongoing enrichment program to help enrich the lives of the Zoo’s animals, promote natural behaviors, keep the animals mentally stimulated and provide added enjoyment for visitors.

Help support Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s enrichment department by adopting an animal! Adopt packages include a plush, an animal fact sheet, your name on our donor board for one year, and tickets to the Zoo.

Enrichment encourages naturalistic behaviors by providing our animals with physical and psychological activities that re-create aspects of their wild instincts! Enrichment can come in many forms; including plastic balls, perfume and more! Providing enrichment allows the animals to become active participants in their own health and well-being.

Learn more about enrichment and adopt an animal today!

Ticket Information

Free with regular Zoo admission.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo Members get in FREE!

Enrichment Schedule for Stomp N Chomp

9:00am: Greater one horned rhino and African ungulates

9:30am: Australian Aviary and babirusas

10:00am: Orangutans and Galapagos tortoise

10:30am: Tropical Rainforest

11:00am: Giant anteaters and capybaras

11:30am: Sea lions

12:30pm: Lions and cheetahs

1:00pm: Elephants and Valley Farm

1:30pm: Condors and tiger

2:30pm: Komodo dragon

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