Behind-the-Scenes Adventures

Behind-the-Scenes Adventures take guests one step closer to the animals at Fresno Chaffee Zoo, giving guests a special, unforgettable experience!

Many Behind the Scenes Programs are currently "on paws". We look forward to resuming them in full when health and safety guidelines for staff, guests, and animals allow.

We are currently offering private Early Bird Tours before the Zoo opens! Book yours today to see how the zookeepers and animals start their day.

For our current Behind the Scenes Program offerings please click below. You can also inquire by email at or by calling 559-470-6880.

Up-Close Adventures

Get ready to meet the animals of Fresno Chaffee Zoo like never before. From training to feeding to enrichment, you’ll hear from the zookeepers, tour animal spaces and interact with the animals.

Meet Fresno’s greatest pride with our Mane Attraction adventure or jump in the Stingray Bay pool to see a shark training session as part of Gills & Thrills.

Up Close Behind The Scenes Adventures

Pop-Up Adventures

**Currently on PAWS**

Make any day an adventure with these special experiences that add a special encounter to your visit.

Plan ahead or ask at the Zoo ticket booth when you arrive what might pop up that day. Ask an anteater what it eats for breakfast, give the oldest resident of the Zoo a scratch or watch a warthog eat a snack.

Group Adventures

**Currently on PAWS**

Take your large group on a tour of animal spaces to learn what goes on behind-the-scenes at the Zoo!

Your class, club or company will love this chance to learn and explore the Zoo as a group. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at where animals spend the night, how the Zookeepers care for them and how the Zoo supports conservation of these special animals.